Authentic Vietnamese eateries in Singapore with all the old-world charm of Saigon

Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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If you’ve ever been to Saigon, Hanoi, or any other city in Vietnam, it’s highly likely that you’ll have fallen in love with the simple yet intoxicatingly rich flavours that Vietnamese cuisine is built around. Want to have another taste of Vietnam, but can’t spare the time or money for a trip? Check out these authentic Vietnamese eateries in Singapore which will do the trick!

#1: Long Phung

long phung Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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This Vietnamese restaurant has earned itself a rep with its impatient Vietnamese servers – but the fact that diners keep going back, time and time again is testimony of how amazing their food is. Make sure you try their Crispy Spring Rolls, which – despite being deep-fried! – are light, refreshing, and unimaginably addictive.

159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427436


#2: Mrs Pho

mrs pho Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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If your foray into Vietnamese food has been restricted to quintessential dishes such as pho, and you haven’t tried the lesser known Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (Vermicelli With Pork & Spring Roll), you’re missing out. Mrs Pho’s does a great rendition of this dish, and it comes with a huge pork fillet, deep-fried pork spring rolls, and chewy pork balls. 

349 Beach Road Singapore 199570


#3: Sandwich Saigon

sandwich saigon Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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Vietnam doesn’t just do great noodle soups – they’ve also mastered the art of the sandwich; to be specific, the baguette sandwich, or Banh Mi. If you’re looking for a place which does Banh Mi that live up to the ones you get in Vietnam, we’d recommend Sandwich Saigon.

93 East Coast Road, Singapore 428792


#4: Làng Nuöng Việt Nam

Làng Nuöng Việt Nam Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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You know for sure that a place is authentic when you can’t even begin to fathom how to pronounce its name. Làng Nuöng is a no-frills Vietnamese BBQ place which is as authentic as they come. The meats are marinated with top secret homemade Vietnamese sauces – and cooking them over the old-school charcoal grill infuses them with that delightfully smoky flavour.

18 Foch Road Singapore 209260


#5: Moc Quan

moc quan Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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At Moc Quan, which serves up your usual pho, banh mi, and other Vietnamese fare, you get nothing but the real deal. The team behind the casual eatery are sticklers for authenticity, meaning that they fly their ingredients in from Vietnam on a weekly basis. When it comes to their equipment, they have equally exacting standards. We hear that their oven is also imported specially to get the crispiness of their banh mi done just right!

#01-23, UE Square Shopping Mall, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239917


#6: Saigon Jalan

saigon jalan Vietnamese eateries with Weeloy

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Owned by a Saigon-born Vietnamese lady who later settled down with a Singaporean husband, Saigon Jalan has won itself legions of fans with its classic dishes, as well as its new innovations. One example of the latter is this rice paper cracker (pictured) topped with egg, pork floss, and minced pork, which is said to be a spinoff from the latest trend in Saigon street food.

#01-919, 86 Whampoa Drive, Singapore 327748

#7: Little Saigon

Vietnamese Minced Beef little saigon Vietnamese eateries Have a taste of the Thit Bo Xao Hanh Tay (Vietnamese Minced Beef ) prepared with stir-fried minced beef, fresh herbs and spices, served with sliced baguette and fresh coral lettuce.

Blk E, Clarke Quay #01-02, River Valley Road, Singapore 179021

little saigon Vietnamese eateries