Singapore cocktail festival: because no good story ever started with a salad

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Credits: @sgcocktailfest

On the wall are multiple posters, each with a compelling reason why you should be drinking.

“I drink because people are boring.”

“You look like I could use a drink.”

And our favourite of all?

“Drink, because no good story ever started with a salad.”

Pithy and droll posters aside, Singapore Cocktail Festival has all the ingredients that make up a great party – good food, amazing music, and of course, no shortage of alcohol. The 5,000 square metre Festival Village features nine different cocktail rooms, a food street and a music stage, with the line-up of DJs including Brendon P, Ramesh K, Joshua P, and YA5TH.

singapore cocktail festival food street

Credits: @sgcocktailfest

Because you shouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach, there are plenty of options at the Food Street. Amongst vendors are IZY Dining and Bar, a Japanese-American Izakaya, The Disgruntled Brasserie, which serves contemporary, modern cuisine, and Ninja Cut, which have earned rave reviews for their delicious rice bowls (pictured above).

singapore cocktail festival bars by weeloy magazine

Credits: @sgcocktailfest

Once you’ve had your fill of the food, it’s time to start having some cocktails. For a start, sample some of the entries for the Singapore’s Next Top Cocktail competition. Mitzo’s offering (pictured above) is the Shiok Collins, which is Chilli Padi Infused Gin, Goji Berry Syrup, Lemon Juice, Curry Leaves, Angostura Bitter, and Soda Water. There’s also the Kopi Ol’ Fashioned from Crackerjack, Leo’s Flip from Nutmeg and Clove, and Lion City Sour from 28 Hong Kong Street.

singapore cocktail festival snow leopard vodka by weeloy magazine

Credits: @sgcocktailfest

Prefer something a little more bespoke? Check out the Snow Leopard Vodka Room, where you get to pluck your own herbs (chocolate mint, honey lemon, and more!) from the vertical herb garden, choose additional accompaniments such as fruits or marshmallows, and have the bartenders concoct your very own customized drink for you.

singapore cocktail festival vodka room by weeloy magazine

Credits: @sgcocktailfest

As the night goes on, unwind and let loose in the Dreams Room by presented by Monkey Shoulder, Hendrick’s Gin and Reyka Vodka. Relax in the ball pit, or if you’re up for a trippy VR experience, put on the headsets offered and plunge head first into the ‘Tasting in a Dream’ sequence, a virtual reality audio and visual rendering of a dream experience.

Singapore Cocktail Festival, it’s been real. See you next year!