What you ought to know about the best chefs in Singapore

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Behind each great restaurants, there is a great Chef. Some restaurants became very famous thanks to the work and the talent of its Chefs. There are the ones who designed the menus and who provides the best tastes. You might know some of the best Chefs in the world, but do you know everything about their work?

Chef Lionel Lau – The Latin Quarter

Chef-3“Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” 

Lionel build a up the passion about cooking at the age of 17 years old. He will always make sure that once a dish is out, it should not return back with any bad feedbacks.




Chef Enoch Teo – Enoch’s

chef-2Chef Enoch, one of the youngest Chef on Weeloy, had the opportunity in several types of restaurants. He started in a zi-char stall, then he honed its culinary skills in some of the best restaurants of the city: Absinthe, The Cliff, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, Bistro du Vin. He also came in 2nd runner up in the Sopexa Concourse Cuisine Competition 2010. Despite its youngness, Chef Enoch is already running a full fledged restaurant at East Coast Park.


Chef Damien Le Bihan – L’Entrcôte Brasserie

Chef-4The French Chef had the opportunity to work for the well-known French Chef Guy Savoy, in its 3 stars restaurant. Chef Damien arrived in Singapore in 2010 to manage the Guy Savoy restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. In 2011, he joined the Deliciae Group, and he is now supervising different concept restaurants: L’Entrecôte Brasserie, Sabio, Pisco, Forlino, Sabio by the Sea, and Bumbo Rum Club.



Chef Clarence Clement – Scrumptious at the Turf

Chef” The plate is your canvas and food is your paint”

Chef Clarence Clement translates his passion to his dishes with colourful plating and exciting flavours. According to him, no worldly offers can replace the sheer joy of seeing a customer’s smile after the first bite.



Chef Yohhei Sasaki – Forlino 

Chef-5Chef Yohhei Sasaki is a passionate and meticulous Japanese Chef trained in the art of Italian cuisine. First, he had the opportunity to work in top Italian restaurants in Japan, then he travelled to Italy to be trained in the top Michelin-starred Italian restaurants throughout the country. Now at Forlino, he is serving up contemporary Italian cuisine perfected by its own unique Japanese flair.

If you are keen to try out Chef Yohhei’s signature dishes, make a reservation here.


Chef Jeffrey Tan – Shutters

“Cooking style relies solely on natural flavours and wholesome goodness of the ingredients used”

Chef Jeffrey Tan embraces a culinary philosophy and passion that mirror the good old fashioned way of life. Chef Jeffrey, one of Singapore’s foremost culinary talents and homegrown chefs, will always save a special place for local food in his heart.

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If you are keen to try out Chef Jeffrey’s signature dishes, make a reservation here.