Little known facts about Tiramisu

Tiramisu Restaurant Singapore

Tiramisu is one of the most popular dessert in Singapore. The coffee-flavored Italian cake is a perfect option to end a good meal when you eat at the restaurant. Discover now some little known facts about Tiramisu.

The origins of the Tiramisu

Many theories exist about the origins of the dessert: 5 Italian regions claim to land of origin of Tiramisu as far as back as the Renaissance. One theory is that the dessert was a way to not waste the leftover cake and coffee: with the addition of liqueur and mascarpone the Tiramisu was born.

The first official recipe in the 1960s

Recipes of Tiramisu are unknown in cookbooks before the 1960s. The dessert as we know it today is a recent invention. Chef Roberto Linguanotto created the dessert at the Beccherie restaurant in the city of Trevise (near Venice) in the early 1960s. His objective was to “devise new, simple flavor combinations respecting the local tradition.” The restaurant which opened in 1939 closed its doors in 2014 due to a lack of tourism and consumer habits brought about the economic crisis.

Tiramisu means “make me happy” in Italian

The literal translation of Tiramisu is “pick me up”, but metaphorically it means “put some pep in my step” or more poetically “take me to heaven”. As the dessert is loaded with espresso, it gives a little coffee buzz which make you get up from the table after a long Italian meal.

Variations of Tiramisu

A number of variations are now available. One popular alternative includes chocolate instead of coffee. Another version is fruit Tiramisu, where complementary fruits such as berries, peaches, banana or apricots are added. You can taste the “Green Tea Tiramisu” from Shutters restaurant in Singapore made with green tea essence.

Green Tea Tiramisu Singapore

Green Tea Tiramisu from Shutters Restaurant

The largest Tiramisu weight 3,015kg

On 25 May 2015 the world record for largest Tiramisu was set in the small Italian city Gemona del Friuli. Over 200 people including 300 chefs worked together to bring the record back to the desert’s birthplace. To improve the previous record by over 1,000kg, the giant Tiramisu was prepared with 350kg of zabaione cream, 750 liters of coffee, 625kg of mascarpone, 625kg of cream, 450kg of savoiardi biscuits, 250kg of sugar, 25kg of cocoa and 25kg of whipped cream!

You have to go to Rome to eat the best Tiramisu of the world

Pompi restaurant in Rome is agreed to be the home of the most famous Tiramisu in Rome. The restaurant is known as il regno del Tiramisu, the kingdom of Tiramisu. You have the choice to eat the most classic recipe of the Italian dessert or to try alternative flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry and even pineapple!

Where to eat Tiramisu in Singapore?

Most of the Italian restaurants propose Tiramisu for desserts. In Singapore you can try the standard Tiramisu from Marco Marco at Circular road. If you want to taste a more elaborated dessert, the signature Tiramisu from Forlino will be perfect for you.

Tiramisu Restaurant Giardino Pizzeria Singapore

Tiramisu from Giardino Pizzeria Restaurant